Challenge One of the oldest UK Charity’s, The Katherine Lowe Settlement, needed a refreshed look and feel to their logo and an overhaul of their website. The website, which is visited by a diverse target market, is a vital platform to give information to the local community who will be seeking services for the elderly and some of the community’s most vulnerable. As well as needing to display information clearly, it also needed to have an online donation mechanism and be a home to showcase their thoughtful leadership campaign work.


Having been established for such a long time in the community it was important to everyone that we retained the core brand look and feel in the refresh.

I created a simple refresh of the logo that was more modern but still yet kept their core values. The new logo is now used on all their assets, including their community mini buses and look very striking.

The new website aimed for a clear user experience with larger than average fonts and boxes to aid the elderly and visually impaired users. They need to easily be able to find the information they are looking for. Focusing on using imagery of the people that the organisation help, the website has been thoroughly well received by the many stakeholders.