Sustainable healthcare coalition is a partnership of healthcare companies and other health agencies drawn together to address some of the most pressing sustainability issues in global healthcare.

The company had two main challenges for us when creating their new website.

The first was that they needed to provide over 100 members with secure access to shared documents and tools in order to enhance the coalitions engagement and influence on its stakeholders.

The second goal was to provide links to member websites and useful information from its partner organisations as well as other sources. The website had to maintain the sustainable health coalitions branding guidelines as well as provide a smooth user experience.


Providing Sustainable Healthcare Coalition with an intranet and members login area was our first priority, to give the website a members space to share meeting agendas and outputs, to access coalition documents and contribute to programme conversations.

The website was designed while strictly following their branding guidelines, creating a fresh and modern look. We provided a download area to enable anyone without a login to be able to access files and materials that Sustainable Healthcare Coalition wanted to share.

Giving the site a clear about us section provided the perfect place to promote who their members are, including links to their websites, an explanation of their story so far and a contact us option.